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Vision and Plans


Commuters and parents need alternatives to surface street gridlock. Near term relief options include securing our fair share of resources from Valley Transit Authority (VTA), bus route signaling optimization, ride sharing options, safer cycling infrastructure for kids and families, and expanded walking trails.

Longer term vision includes new multi-modal interconnected transit to connect Cupertino with its neighboring cities and mass transit hubs such as CalTrain and BART.


Teachers, police, firefighters and other city service workers need affordable housing near their workplace. Providing affordable housing is critical to ensure our community’s needs will be met.

Separately, I want to ensure seniors can smoothly transition from their current homes to age friendly housing. We want them to remain in our community for continuity and to maintain our multi-generational lifestyle. I will fight for senior housing inclusion in all new development projects.


Clean air, clean water and natural open spaces are essential for human physical and mental well-being. I will continue driving for higher standards and more robust measurement of Lehigh Permanente’s emissions. I will also be vigilant to ensure their compliance.

Climate change is also something we can help tackle at the local level. Count on me to remain a steadfast supporter of Community Choice Energy since it is (a) cutting greenhouse gases and (b) saving money for Cupertino residents.