“Incumbent Savita Vaidhyanathan’s record makes her worthy of being re-elected to the Cupertino City Council.”

-The Mercury News

“Savita understands what is at stake in the region and knows how to work with leaders in neighboring communities for a comprehensive solution.”

-US Congresswoman Anna Eshoo

“Savita is passionate about and understands Housing and Transportation issues in Silicon Valley. She demonstrated great leadership in voting for the Vallco Specific Plan.”

-CA State Senator Jim Beall

“No one has worked harder than Savita Vaidhyanathan to advance real transportation solutions for Cupertino and our region.”

-CA State Assemblymember Evan Low

“Our schools are at real risk of losing great teachers. Savita is championing the housing and new transportation alternatives we need to keep them here.”

-Former FUHSD Principal April Scott

“Savita is working to reduce our carbon footprint, keep our air clean, and preserve our green spaces.”

-Sierra Club Loma Prieta Leader Gary Latshaw


Local Government Leaders

Rod Sinks,
Cupertino Vice Mayor and Former Mayor

“Savita is a regional leader working to address our biggest challenges. On transportation, she brought Apple, San Jose and the County to the table. On environment, she supported Silicon Valley Clean Energy, which now offers carbon-free electricity for less than PG&E. On housing, she champions affordable housing for seniors and teachers.”

Chappie Jones,
San Jose City Council Member

“It is great to have a partner like Savita to work with us to come up with solutions; because, trust me — it is very difficult to solve some of our regional problems.  In Savita, Cupertino has a great representative who works very well with her colleagues and elected representatives in other jurisdictions to come up with workable solutions.”

Cindy Chavez, Santa Clara County Supervisor

“Savita is a fierce advocate for the people of Cupertino.”

  • Anna Eshoo, US Congresswoman, District 18
  • Marc Berman, CA State, District 24, Assembly Member
  • Kansen Chu, CA State, District 25 Assembly Member
  • Ash Kalra, CA State, District 27Assembly Member
  • Evan Low, CA State, District 28 Assembly Member
  • Dave Cortese, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors
  • Cindy Chavez, Board of Supervisors, Santa Clara County and VTA Board Member
  • Ken Yaeger, Santa Clara County Supervisor
  • Angela Chen, Cupertino Sanitary District Board
  • Rod Sinks, Cupertino Vice Mayor and Former Mayor
  • Barry Chang, Cupertino City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Angela Chen, Cupertino Sanitary District Board
  • Liz Gibbons, Campbell City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Marico Sayoc, Los Gatos City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Lenny Siegel, Mountain View Mayor
  • Margaret Abe-Koga, Mountain View City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • John McAlister, Mountain View City Council Member and Former Mayor, VTA Board Member
  • Pat Showalter, Mountain View City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Liz Kniss, Palo Alto Mayor
  • Greg Scharff, Palo Alto City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Sam Liccardo, San Jose Mayor and VTA Board Chairman
  • Chappie Jones, San Jose City Council Member and VTA Board
  • Raul Peralez, San Jose Council Member and VTA Board
  • Sheriff Laurie Smith, Santa Clara County Sheriff
  • Emily Lo, Saratoga City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Howard Miller, Saratoga City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Manny Cappello, Saratoga Vice Mayor and Former Mayor
  • Emily Lo, Saratoga City Council Member and Former Mayor
  • Larry Klein, Sunnyvale Vice Mayor

Community Leaders

Diana Ding, CEO Ding Ding TV

“Savita is a great leader and with a passion for guiding the next generation.  She supports many events for youth and kids. Savita spoke at two Forums promoting civic leadership among minority groups where she shared her personal stories on civic leadership and public service. Savita is truly a role model to the youth.”

Richard Lowenthal, Cupertino Former Mayor

“Savita is the pro-resident candidate that is already making progress to solve our transportation and housing problems. Her leadership and effectiveness have been proven over the last 4 years of service.”

  • Dolly Sandoval, Cupertino Former Mayor
  • Orrin Mahoney, Cupertino Former Mayor
  • Pete Heller, Cupertino Bike Ped Commissioner
  • Jennifer Shearin, Cupertino Bike Ped Commissioner
  • Erik Lindskog, Cupertino Bike Ped Commissioner
  • Janki Chokshi, Cupertino Fine Arts Commissioner
  • Rajeswari Mahalingam, Cupertino Fine Arts Commissioner
  • Neesha Tambe, Cupertino Parks & Rec Commissioner
  • Meenakshi Biyani, Cupertino Parks & Rec Commissioner
  • Helene Davis, Cupertino Parks & Rec Commissioner
  • Carol Stanek, Cupertino Parks & Rec Commissioner
  • Judy Wilson, Cupertino Parks & Rec Commissioner
  • Neha Sahai, Cupertino Public Safety Commissioner
  • Hymanand Nellore, Cupertino Public Safety Commissioner
  • Geoffrey Paulsen, Cupertino Planning Commissioner
  • David Fung, Cupertino Planning Commissioner
  • Meera Ramanathan, Cupertino Sustainability Commissioner
  • Vignesh Swaminathan, Cupertino Sustainability Commissioner
  • Angela Chen, Cupertino Sustainability Commissioner
  • Vaishali Deshpande, Cupertino TICC Commissioner
  • Rajaram Soundararajan, Cupertino TICC Commissioner
  • Mukesh Garg, Cupertino TICC Commissioner

Commissions for identification only

Education Leaders

Hung Wei,
FUHSD Board Member

“Savita is intelligent, diligent and an analytical thinker, while at the same time, she has an open mind and is willing to listen to people’s opinions. As our City Council woman, she has demonstrated that she can build consensus and make decisions to the best interest of residents.”

Hsing Kung,
Chairman APALI Advisory Board, Former FUHSD Board Member

“Savita has demonstrated that she is an excellent leader for the Cuperino community.”

Brian Murphy,
Former President De Anza College

“We have always relied on Savita for excellent advice and counsel about ways we can collaborate with the community for the good of all.”

  • Bill Wilson, FUHSD President
  • Roy Rocklin, FUHSD Board Member
  • Barbara Nunes, FUHSD Board Member
  • Jeff Moe, FUHSD Board Member
  • Hung Wei, FUHSD Board Member, Rotary Club of Cupertino Past President
  • Kavita Gupta, Science Teacher MVHS
  • Pearl Cheng, Foothill-De Anza Trustee
  • Peter Landsberger, Foothill-De Anza Trustee
  • Joe Hamilton, FUHSD Superintendent (Retired)
  • Hsing Kung, APALI Advisory Board Chairman and FUHSD Former Board Member
  • Beverly Lenihan, Cupertino Library Foundation Board Member and Cupertino Rotary Former President
  • Brian Murphy, De Anza College Past President
  • Janet Riddell, Cupertino Library Past Commissioner
  • Pallavi Shah, Middle School Teacher (Retired) and Cupertino Library Foundation Member
  • Steve Ting, President Shin Shin Educational Foundation and Cupertino Rotary Former President