Re-elect Savita

An Open Letter to my Community Supporters

Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve Cupertino on our City Council. In 2014, when you first elected me, my platform was focused on Youth, Environment and Seniors. I am pleased to report we have made significant progress in these areas.  In 2016, I served as your Vice Mayor and in 2017 I served as your Mayor. I was appointed to serve on the Board of Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) to represent the five West Valley Cities.

Today, there is momentum in the initiatives I have led. Therefore, I am seeking your vote for a second term as your Councilmember to advance these causes. Our city needs elected leaders who can work on practical, short and long-term solutions to tackle the challenges of Transportation, Housing and Environment. We need elected representatives who have proven they build consensus to create joint solutions. Over the past 4 years I have consistently demonstrated my ability to do exactly that.

I ask for your vote again in 2018. Together, we will make progress on these critical important issues. Let’s keep Cupertino the wonderful place that we all know and love to call our home!

Sincerely yours,
Savita Vaidhyanathan

Re-elect T.H.E. Experienced Leader


“Traffic, housing needs and pollution respect no boundaries. They neither start nor end at our city limits. They are challenges requiring dedication, commitment and an ability to develop sustainable regional solutions in collaboration with our neighboring cities and the county.”

— Savita Vaidhyanathan

Vision and Plans